Carcassonne Organizer

Plywood organizer compatible with Carcassonne and up to 6 large expansions.

Organizer features:

  • Tiles tray with 12 adjustable dividers

  • Six trays for player pieces

  • Two trays for towers and tokens

Purchase from:

Plywood organizer compatible with the Carcassonne® base game box, with enough space for Inns & Cathedrals®, Traders & Builders®, The Princess & The Dragon®, The Tower®, Abbey & Mayor®, Count, King & Robber® expansions.

The tile tray comes with room for up to 300 tiles. The adjustable dividers can be used to create separate spaces for the base game and expansion tiles. The default configuration to store the first six large expansions requires 9 dividers, however, the dividers can be used to set up the tray for a different combination of expansions. If all six large expansions are to be stored, then only the new 2x3 tile Count plates will fit. The tile tray should be placed in the game box and not removed during the game.

There are six removable trays for player pieces, which players can use to store all the different meeples from the base game and expansions.

The larger of the two removable token trays is suitable for storing wooden tower pieces from the Tower expansion. The other tray can be used to store tokens and princess, dragon and count meeples from the expansions. Storing the Tower tile tray is not supported.

This is a third-party accessory designed by GameGuard. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with GameGuard.

Sold as a kit, needs assembly with wood or paper glue.