Aeon's End

Aeon's End
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Plywood organizer compatible with Aeon’s End with The Depths, The Void. The Outer Dark and The Nameless expansions. 

Key features:

  • Works with Aeon's End or War Eternal Boxes
  • Includes 10" Box Band-it to keep your box lid secure
  • Five removable trays.
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards


37,95 €

Plywood organizer compatible with Aeon’s End: Legacy.

Key features:

  • Organizes components during legacy play.
  • Combines with ORG047 Aeon's End Organizer to store base game, Aeon's End: War Eternal, Aeon's End: Legacy, and listed expansion in Legacy box.
  • Interlocking trays allows stacking in any order.


32,95 €

Compatible with Aeon's End® and includes space for numerous expansions, storing 840 sleeved or 1,300 unsleeved cards.

Insert is also compatible with the Aeon's End: War Eternal® and Aeon's End: The New Age® games.

Insert features: 

  • Four token trays
  • Four card trays
13,95 €
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