Lorenzo il Magnifico box organizer

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Compatible with Lorenzo il Magnifico®, and the Houses of Renaissance® expansion.

Note:  Insert designed for game with external box dimensions of  22.4 x 31.4 x 7.0 cm. 


Insert compatible with Lorenzo il Magnifico®, and the Houses of Renaissance® expansion. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. The rules and boards act as a lid on top of the trays.

There are the separate trays for the player components, one for each player colour. The large card tray is for the leader cards, and has space for sleeved cards. The last tray shown is for the special tokens from the expansion.

There are four trays for the development cards. The two larger trays have four slots in total, one for each of the four types. The two special development card trays allow you to split the deck into two, with one remaining in the box and one being placed next to the board during game play. 

These are three main resource trays. There is one for the coins, one for the large resources and other components, and lastly a tray for the wood and stone pieces.

As mentioned above many of the trays can be used during the game to organise the components and make access by all players easy. The development cards can be placed across the top of the board corresponding to the different towers. The resource and coin trays can be placed where convenient for all players. 

When packing the box, first place the main game board on top of the insert trays. Then place the player boards, followed by the rule books. The various large tiles are then placed on top of the rules. This fills the box and allows for vertical storage of the game. 

Materials: printed card, EVA foam. Assembly with PVA (paper) glue required.