GloomBox Forgotten Circles Expansion Upgrade Kit

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Compatible with GloomBox organizer for Gloomhaven 1st and 2nd editionons.

The world and city of Gloomhaven is mesmerizing. Many adventures, fame and richness awaits you there if you are brave enough to stand up against evil. Get your GloomBox organizer complete with this Forgotten Circles Expansion organizer.

This organizer is compatible with LaserOx LGB - GloomBox and stores all the expansions components with the base components inside the base game box. 

  • new Small Map Tile box
  • new Big Map Tile box
  • new Xp, Damage and other Token box
  • more room for monster cards
  • unique expansion box for new monsters and figure


This upgrade kit replaces the 3 boxes with newer updated versions to create the needed space for the expansion content. The boss monsters will fit beside the rest as well. This insert will require assembly, which takes roughly 15-20 minutes. 

Material: 3 mm birch plywood. Assembly with paper or wood glue required.

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