Card Sleeves, 170 pcs, 80x122 mm, thin, Dixit

3,00 €
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Suitable for games:

  • Dixit - 1 pack for every two base game or expansions.
  • Mascarade - 1 pakk
  • Planet Steam - 1 pakk
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Compatible with Dixit and Dixit Odyssey.

Insert features:

  • Five card bays that fit one Dixit card pack in premium sleeves
  • Sixth bay for Odyssey scoring boards
  • Removable tray for scoring tokens, pegs and rabbits
21,95 €

Compatible with Flash Point, and the Extreme Danger, 2nd Story, Dangerous Waters and other expansions.

Insert features: 

  • Six trays for miniatures
  • Two trays for cards and fire tokens
  • Eight trays in various sizes for other tokens
13,95 €