Arkham Horror LCG "Return to ..." box organizer

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Suitable for Arkham Horror Card Game expansion Return to the Night of the Zealot box.


  • Arkham Horror LCG full campaign and encounter sets with sleeved cards
  • Also suitable for unsleeved cards


  • Box organizer for sleeved cards
  • 8 dividers for separating the cards


Sleeving guide:

Arkham Horror card game "Return to ..." organizer is compatible with standard size card sleeves from all major manufacturers. 

Return to the Night of the Zealot expansion also includes 76 * 88 mm cardboard dividers. This sleeve size is not available as none of the major sleeves manufacturers currently offer it. Best fit we have managed to find are 88 * 126 mm Magic large cards sleeves. They match the width of the divider perfectly and the extra length of the sleeve can be removed with scissors. An example of a sleeved divider can be seen in the gallery.