Arkham Horror LCG "Return to ..." box organizer

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Plywood organizer compatible with Arkham Horror Card Game "Return to ..." expansion boxes.

Organizer features:

  • Fits Arkham Horror LCG full campaign with encounter sets

  • Also suitable for unsleeved cards

This insert is designed to be compatible with Arkham Horror Card Game "Return to ..." expansion boxes. It divides the box into 10 compartments and fits one full campaign with encounter sets. When used with Return to Night of Zealot organizer, there is enough room for all core set encounter cards and a few stand alone scenarios.

First two compartments are narrower and are meant for the deluxe box scenarios. The following six compartments fit the remaining scenarios from the Mythos packs. Last two wide compartments hold the encounter cards. They can be also combined into one large encounter set slot. 

This product is a kit that requires assembly. 

This is a third-party accessory designed by GameGuard. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with GameGuard.